About the Horror RTG

The Horror Retweet Group, or Horror RTG, is a community of horror authors who help each other thrive and grow. The idea is for each member of the group to retweet posts made by other members. Since each horror author has fans of that genre, it ensures the cross-promotions reach an eager group of horror readers.

Daily posts are on our Facebook page. The posts are made there because the notification system on Facebook makes it much easier to manage when new books are added to a daily thread. Authors get an immediate alert of something to promote. It also allows us to manage who posts on a thread. It’s a moderated group so we’re sure only horror authors are posting links, and not spammers.

To join the group, start here:

HorrorRTG Group on Facebook

We look forward to helping your book reach more fans and readers!

A Note about Facebook HorrorRTG

There are two different parts of how Horror RTG is present on Facebook.

First, there is the public page. This is visible to everyone and can be commented on by anyone. This is for general information about the group. It’s how we promote upcoming events and discuss ideas.

That is here:

HorrorRTG Group on Facebook

Second, there is a private community associated with the group. The private community is where the actual posts about daily tweets are made. We have to keep that page private because otherwise spammers could jump into the feeds and add spam posts.

We strictly control who has access to the private community. That way we know any URLs shown are by another horror author participating in our tweet exchanges.

That is here:

HorrorRTG Private Community on Facebook

Ask with any questions!

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