Welcome to the Horror Retweet Group

The Horror Retweet Group, or Horror RTG, is a collaboration by a community of horror authors. Together, we help each other’s books reach new audiences and fans.

Be sure to share news about this group with any horror authors you know who are on Twitter.

Thank you for joining us on our journey!

To participate in the retweeting, join us here:

HorrorRTG on Facebook

Here’s how it works.

Every day, a post is made to organize book promotions for that day. For example, a post might be made on January 1, 2021, for book promotions for that day.

Each horror author who wishes to participate in the retweet efforts for that date first makes a post into their own author Twitter account about their book. The post generally should have an image, some text, a few hashtags, and a link to the book’s purchase URL.

The horror author then copies the URL link to their Twitter post. You get that URL by clicking on the date associated with the Tweet.

Now the horror author goes over to the Facebook thread for today’s date. They paste in the URL as a comment on that thread. That way all participants can easily click to see the exact Tweet they need to retweet.

The participants get Facebook alerts each time someone adds a new book to the thread they’re participating in. That makes it easy to know when to go and hit retweet on the links.

Alternatively, the participants can simply check in a few times during the day (or once at the end of the day) and retweet all the book links which have gathered up.

This system helps ensure that each author’s post reaches the maximum audience possible of horror fan readers.

There is never any pressure. Each author chooses for themselves when to participate and when they’re too busy.

Ask with any questions!

To join us in our horror retweet group, start here!

HorrorRTG on Facebook

We also have a very active Horror account on Twitter – learn more about it here –